Am I being selfish? — :o

A lot of things have been going on my mind lately. I wonder if it’s because I don’t know where my life is heading right now…? I hope not. I wish I knew what I want to do with my life. I think because of the stress of not knowing, makes me want to avoid everything else…..I’m not making any sense right now. Last night at my friend’s 21st bash, i wanted to drink until all the troubles and pain are over…. Wish life was easier than it really is. I think it’s just me thinking that it’s hard… but not really it’s not. *sigh* I’ve caused enough drama for myself already….

Just a few minutes ago I got myself into a small argument with my boyfriend. And what about? Let’s not even go there… It’s all of the same stuff over and over. And in my head i’m thinking, “why even bring it up Kirt?”… you know it’ll just end up in disaster… and ending up blaming myself (which I know i shouldn’t do)— a habit. 😦

Ross…. I love him very much… and i’m glad he’s in my life. My boyfriend… my partner… my love… my bestfriend… and my baby boi… He’s pretty much my everything.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that… I’m aching on the inside, and I want more TLC. Am I being selfish? Seems like it huh… I can’t help it. I just need a little bit more love right now.

I’m glad I could write these things on here because not a lot of people read this / even know about it.

I’m not being selfish.. I’m just being the “Kirt” I am… (an overly sensitive being)– unfortunately.


About Kirt Neill

My name is Kirsten Neill but I go by the name "Kirt". Yes, i know it's like a guys name but hey it is what it is. I'm currently in college studying an unknown major, and possibly minoring in music technology. I was born and raised in the Philippines for 15 years, then moved here in 2005. When it comes to doing stuff, people I'm a versatile being, and I'm out of this world! I play the guitar, write my own songs, and I enjoy listening to any type of music. Especially music from the 70's. I love to dance, sing, be silly, and create musical fusion. I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson and music is pretty much my life. I enjoy meeting people, chillin', and having fun! View all posts by Kirt Neill

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