Suicide. It’s no joke.

When people are weak, they lose their minds and end up giving up the only thing they’ve got…LIFE. Today, I found out from my boyfriend that his friend died a few days. It wasn’t some accident or some illness. It was something worse than the two combined — suicide. He shot himself… [bang] Dead.

It’s sad how people think of suicide as a way of escape. Not only does suicide hurt yourself, but it also hurts other people around you. Family, relatives, close friends, ex lovers, and people who just know you suffer so much (you wouldn’t even know). Why settle with dying and ending everything in your life, when you can always seek for help? An old friend of mine almost committed suicided but she was smart enough to reach out to her friends and lead her towards the other way and save herself. (Thank goodness she did.) If you feel something’s not right call out to someone, reach out, and seek help. Suicidal thoughts should be out of the question! One must cherish life no matter how hard life gets. Give it your all, don’t be weak, stay strong and just keep your head up.

Even though I don’t know the guy who just died a few days ago, I feel the pain of his family, and his close friends.

It hurts. Suicide is a no no.


About Kirt Neill

My name is Kirsten Neill but I go by the name "Kirt". Yes, i know it's like a guys name but hey it is what it is. I'm currently in college studying an unknown major, and possibly minoring in music technology. I was born and raised in the Philippines for 15 years, then moved here in 2005. When it comes to doing stuff, people I'm a versatile being, and I'm out of this world! I play the guitar, write my own songs, and I enjoy listening to any type of music. Especially music from the 70's. I love to dance, sing, be silly, and create musical fusion. I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson and music is pretty much my life. I enjoy meeting people, chillin', and having fun! View all posts by Kirt Neill

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